About us

The group is intended for people with good knowledge of musical theory and a minimum of 5 years playing the piano. People with more experience are always welcome to join us too!

We meet online (by zoom) once a week for 60-90 minutes. We also communicate through a whatsapp group regularly. Meetings are conducted in Hebrew (but if you are an English speaker – we’ll see what we can do to have you with us).
Meetings are free and on a non-profit basis. There are two rules that you are requested to agree to before joining our group:

  1. Every member of the group will prepare, from time to time, a lecture on a subject he/she likes (a specific piece , a composer, concert summary etc.) for the rest of the group.
  2. People are requested to attend regularly. Participants who will not attend regularly may be removed from the group.

A few times every year we also meet face-to-face to play for each other and togeether and enjoy our hobby together.

Please note – In the “next events” tab you can see some of the topics we discussed previously. We do not update the next events regularly.

If you are intereseted in joining us, please email to : israeltheory@pianomeetups.com